Head of Artist Acquisition at Hive App, LLC

We make discovering music as easy as swiping your finger. Listen to the best undiscovered artists in 30-second clips to build the ultimate playlist. Seed funding in 2015.
  • Artist Relations
  • Community Growth
  • Marketing, social, content & product strategies

How it Works

A 30 second song clip is presented to you when random listeners who have similar musical preferences to you like it. After listening to the clip, decide if you want to discard it, or add it to a playlist so you can listen to the full song later and add it to your SoundCloud. Start feeling good about music discovery - every time you add it to your playlist, you are passing it on to 6 new and random listeners with similar preferences to you, helping the musician get that much closer to breaking into the spotlight!

As an artist, no longer worry about promoting yourself - if your music is truly awesome, our users will make it reaches everyone who matters. Look at the easy-to-read data on user engagement with your music, and start building a loyal following with Hive!

Hive App for ios & Android

Hive Artist Stats

Hive Booking Agents


Inbound Marketing at SmartAcre

SmartAcre - Lead & Demand Gen Agency

Inbound Marketer
August 2015 - Present

SmartAcre is a demand generation marketing agency who helps your business connect and engage with people throughout the buyers’ journey. Local clients to Fortune 500 companies.

-Email marketing (creating send queries, building email programs, launching, analyzing results)
-Increasing online visibility, organic traffic, and e-commerce revenue with SEO/SEM tactics
-Developing client strategy guides for SEO/SEM, content, social, and overall traffic
-Analyzing Moz, Search Console, and Screaming Frog for SEO opportunities
-Managing and creating PPC campaigns for various clients (budgets ranging from $500/month to $30,000/month)
-Increased Adwords conversions by 250% & decreased cost/conversion by 81% in 4 months for SaaS client
-Setting up, managing and testing social media advertising campaigns (Facebook, Linkedin)
-Monthly reporting and analytics. Analyzing data for growth opportunities
-Social media strategy and drafting social content for various clients
-Marketing automation - landing pages, workflows (Pardot, HubSpot)
-Working with various clients, mainly in SaaS, B2B, B2C, and start-ups
-Web strategy & project managing

Achieved certifications in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and Inbound Marketing from HubSpot.


Content Manager at Fanswell

Fanswell homepage

Content Manager
April 2015 - April 2016

Fanswell is a music start-up that helps artists and fans get together to create unique live music experiences. Artists can list when and where they want to play, which fans can then submit bids to host a show. Fanswell gives the fans tools to promote these shows by selling tickets, raising crowdfunds, and promoting the event online. Artists, bands, managers, and fans alike are active users. Received seed funding in early 2015.
  • Responsible for leading the creative direction of content and managing all forms of media
  • Developing content strategies to increase traffic and awareness
  • Helping bring new artists, bands, and music fans on the site. Increasing brand visibility.
  • Designing and setting up newsletters
  • Implemented layout, new features, categories, and posts for blog
  • Helping develop a social media presence
  • Working on new marketing strategies and SEO ideas
  • First month: launched blog with detailed content, increased user traffic, increased artist signups, and Alexa US ranking jumped from 550,XXX to 245,XXX.
- Wordpress - Photoshop - Trello - Social Media - Mailchimp - HTML/CSS - zendesk

Connect with Fanswell: Facebook | Twitter | Website


Web Project & Marketing Consultant

Web & Marketing Freelance Consultant
November 2014 - Jul 2015

Online nutritional supplement retailer providing multiple products for joint pain, muscle growth, weight loss, fitness, and healthier skin. Listed in Inc's 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America for 2015.
  • Web strategy for the companies' multiple eCommerce websites. This includes design layout, text, image placement, & more
  • Work closely with the CIO and help develop multiple sites to receive orders in house
  • Managing the freelance programmers on tasks and web projects. Seeing tasks are completed successfully.
  • Cleaning up and organizing sites for user improvement
  • Developing marketing strategies and implement new ideas to generate sales
  • Social Media, copy editing, SEO, and blog content for various sites
  • Mostly remote position
  • Daily and occasional use of: Wordpress, cPanel, Asana, Git, Photoshop, Magento, Dropbox, Zendesk, HTML/CSS


Founder & Publisher of Oh So Fresh! Music

In 2010 I decided it was time to create my own outlet for artists and bands that I thought deserved to be heard. Little did I know the site would go through many design changes and become industry recognized.

Oh So Fresh! Music features daily posts on multiple genres, specifically indie, hip hop, electronic, & EDM. Yet, I've featured reggae, dance, and pop as well. I design, write, edit, research, and monitor/build social networking. I've learned more about search engine optimization (SEO) to help get better rankings in Google and improve ranking. I've also acted as A&R by picking through hundreds of submissions received daily, many of whom I've posted have become well known acts a few years later. The site has also allowed me to work with many industry people from A&R's, record labels, PR agencies, and the individual artists themselves.

This has all been a side project that I update in my spare time, but have a serious passion for. In recent months, I've been the only one running the site and have slowed down with posting to pursue more freelance/consulting passions. Yet, the site lives on with posts weekly.

November 2010 - Present
  • Accumulated 2,800,000+ total views.
  • Established relationships with record labels (Sony, Vagrant, Roadrunner, etc.), PR Agencies, & Artists, & Brands. Database of over 15k industry emails.
  • Developed a presence in social media without major marketing efforts or financial investments: Facebook (2700+ likes) -Twitter (5000+ followers including numerous verified accounts of artists, bands, athletes, & other celebrities) -Youtube (Started posting videos December 2012 and with little marketing gained 1300+ subscribers & 300k+ views), Google+ (6 million+ views and 225 followers) occasionally post to StumbleUpon, Pinterest, & my own personal Instagram.
  • Over 5,500 total posts.
  • Analyzing SEO and web statistics to improve traffic (Sitemeter and Google Analytics)
  • Manage(d) writers, edit and schedule their posts, also help set up interviews with artists/bands.
  • Partnered and have worked with Digital Trends, Wantickets, Sol Republic Headphones, Grooveshark, Vice's blogging network,, Ex.Fm, and more.
  • Acting as A&R and filtering out submissions. Posted many artists/bands before they were signed or well known. Examples: The Neighbourhood, G-Eazy, Hoodie Allen, The 1975, Chance the Rapper, and more.

 Connect to Networks: Facebook | Twitter | Website | Youtube


Social Media Consultant for FutuHR

FutuHR (pronounced "Future") is the first cloud-based HR solution designed and priced for small to midsize companies.  It will streamline your HR, Time Tracking, Benefits, and Payroll operations and return countless hours to you that you can use to grow your business rather than manage your HR obligations. 

Social Media/Marketing Consultant
January 2014 to April 2014
  • Freelance/consulting work for social media accounts
  • Posted and interacted on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Helped generate ideas for the website to help market the app further. Some of my ideas included blogging for homepage once to twice a week for SEO, reaching out to tech blogs/sites to get potential features or reviews about the app, etc.
- Twitter - Facebook - Linkedin - Hootsuite


Digital Asset Specialist at Rodale, Inc.

Digital Asset Specialist
May 2013 – December 201

  • Working with images and videos from Men's Health, Women's Health, Runner's World, Prevention, Bicycling, and other publications/books
  • Helped develop ebooks and process videos into the digital asset management system (Compass)
  • Processed video files into Compass for archive
  • Processed photos from magazines into Compass for archive
  • Archived videos, create thumbnails, and develop preview clips for the files
  • Assisted other Rodale employees in finding archived content
  • Updated the new digital issues of every major brands in the Adobe Publishing Suite and updating the latest issues in iTunes Connect
  • Updated the various brand apps and making them live
  • Built new apps using DPS App Builder,, and iTunes Connect
  • QA and tested new apps and updates before making live
  • Worked with art director and creative director for new storefront app design for Prevention and Organic Gardening. Built and set up products, then relaunched apps.

- Compass - GlobalEdit - DPS App Builder - Photoshop - Drupal - XML - HTML - iTunes Connect - Apple Developer - CyberDuck - Filezilla - Git - Microsoft Office Suite

Marketing Campaign Production Analyst
June 2010 – May 2013 (3 years)
IT e-Business/Mktg: Marketing Campaign Production Analyst

  • Validated HTML in the multiple newsletters of Men's Health, Prevention, Runner's World, and various other Rodale publications
  • Created the campaigns and launched the approved newsletters to millions of subscribers
  • Handled email promotions for new books and deals
  • Created web pages in Drupal for different book promotions
  • Assisted in managing incoming website requests for organizational purposes
  • Helped with any technical issues or updates needed in promotional websites or emails

I/S MDB: Online Developer
  • Worked with the creative team converting the email designs from graphic designers into appropriate HTML format for subscribers to view content
  • Worked out any glitches in the HTML document and set up for approvals

- Acxiom - Cheetah Mail - Acquisition Gateway - Jira - FileZilla - Photoshop - Dreamweaver

I/S MDB: Online Developer -Worked with the creative team converting the email designs from graphic designers into appropriate HTML format for subscibers to view content. -Work out any glitches in the HTML document and set up for approvals.


Freelance Writer at Substream Music Press

Substream Music Press

Freelance writer for Substream Music Press, similar style to Alternative Press. I provided written articles for magazine and web content on unsigned and signed bands. Conducted numerous email and phone interviews with members of bands. I also provided suggestions for potential bands to be covered to editors.

Below is the list of who I interviewed and over at my Flickr account you can see a few of the actual articles printed in the magazine. There is some random art/college things on there as well.

Interviewed: Circa Survive | Dallas Green (Alexisonfire, City & Colour) | The Brightlife (Since has disbanded) | Sandlot Heroes | Chiddy Bang | We Came As Romans | Dance Gavin Dance


Intern at Media Five Entertainment

Intern at Media Five Entertainment

Learning all aspects of the music industry.
  • Updated HTML for their website
  • Help design newsletters
  • Write, edit, and proofread band profiles, press releases, and online content
  • Use Mailchimp server to design email blasts
  • Research and contact media outlets, radio stations, and college radio to promote bands
  • Listen and critique unreleased tracks
  • Creating and developing marketing ideas to promote bands
  • Photo editing and manipulation
  • Organize contacts in Excel for bands, venues, and clubs
- MailChimp - Microsoft Office - HTML - MySpace - PC

You can read a bit more about Media Five over at the website or Wikipedia page.


Freelance Company Naming at CrowdSpring

CrowdSpring was a way to practice design work while in College, with some potential to make some extra money. Buyers post a project description and award amount, if they like your project and choose it, you are paid what is listed. The site has grown into writing and company naming over the years as well, which I gained an appreciation for.

Over the last three years, I occasionally sign back in and work on projects when I feel inspired. I've currently been chosen and awarded for 10 company naming projects. You can check out my Crowdspring portfolio and see what I've done there.

This was something I not only realized was great to keep my mind active, but that I enjoyed and had a knack for coming up with company/domain names that would attract future customers.

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